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What We Hear From Higher Education Programs

Most programs tell us they are proud of the services and resources they supply their students but they are unable to provide as many high-touch services as they would like in order to drive better post-graduation student outcomes.

Other programs tell us they are happy with student outcomes, but they are would like more ways to kickstart career readiness with 1st year and Sophomore students, as well as students whose Majors don’t transfer well to jobs.

And other programs tell us they are happy with their engagement with 1st years and sophomores, but they wish more students were proactive in their internship and job searches to land strategically beneficial internships instead of being reactive and relying on online job boards. While online job boards can be valuable resources, the opportunities they provide are limited.

Our high-touch career coaching program solves these limitations. Listen to what Marieli Rubio has to say.

Empowered Students Helps You Improve Student Outcomes

*Quantity AND Quality of internships      
*Quality of jobs post-graduation

Our coaching program helps level the playing field with students who have access to internships and jobs through family and friends.

We don't provide a handout, we provide a hand up. We use scaffolded, step-by-step coaching methods that empower students to:

      1. Build relationships with business professionals and executives

      2. Use those relationships to secure internships and jobs

Justin L“The Empowered Students’ career coaching methodology was a game-changer for me. Before, I had applied to countless internships with little success. After two months of coaching and guidance, I was able to secure an amazing internship opportunity with a company in the Augmented Reality industry.

I was provided personalized advice on career paths, techniques for interviewing, and details guidance on how to build connections and network with professionals.

Overall, I would highly recommend Empowered Students’ services to anyone looking to advance their career.”Justin L @ Meta

Lydia Ku“After working for a few years and reflecting on my time during the program, I’m truly grateful for the impact it had on both my professional and personal life.
I earned the opportunity to work with the co-founder of FactoryX who was previously a co-founder of Google X. I was able to foster valuable business experience and lifelong relationships. Additionally, there was opportunity to take on more responsibility outside of my immediate role.

By the time I left, I wore multiple hats in the company that allowed me to work with all sorts of individuals ranging from inspiring founders of social impact start-ups to the C-suite executives of well-known companies (expanding my network that I frequently tap back into).

The entire experience provided me with professional, mental, and even spiritual growth in my faith to an extent I didn’t think a job could. I can say with confidence that my life as a whole was enhanced to a higher degree so early in my career.”Lydia K. @ Palo Alto Networks

Classye  James“They genuinely care about his students, and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are successful in any industry. I am forever grateful for the many things I learned that is enabling my success!”Classye J. @ Entrepreneur In Stealth Mode

We have begun to enter the start of the next great revolution in academia— an era called Student Success 3.0. This modern approach to student success involves 3 intricately linked spheres that are dependent on one another and essential to ensuring that today’s learners are equipped to achieve their dreams: 1) Curricular and Co-Curricular Learning, 2) Assessment, and 3) Career Readiness.
–Forbes Magazine

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