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I hate wasting time and money. And I hate the idea of having a job just for the paycheck. I always wanted to make lots of money, but I also have always wanted to do something I love and/or work for a company I admired.

I’m sure you do, too.

There are plenty of career resources out there (put together by well-meaning people who just don’t get it) for students.

Every University and College in the world has a Career Center. Why then, do ___% of students graduate without a job lined up? And, why are ___% of recent college grads unfulfilled with their job?

It’s because they take a RE-ACTIVE approach to finding an internship and job. Students are influenced by the Career Center on campus and Career Center’s spend most of their effort on:

  1. Getting companies to attend their On-Campus Job & Internship career Fairs.
  2. Preparing students for Interviews that they got from an online posting or from the On-Campus Job & Internship Fair.

There is nothing wrong with that. But want if the company you want to work for doesn’t attend? And what if that same company doesn’t have any openings listed online?

That’s why I personally created a step by step solution that worked wonders for me and many students and is worth every penny and minute you spend on it.

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“While one person hesitates because they feel inferior, another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.”Jim Rohn