Lydia Ku

Lydia Ku

"While one person hesitates because he/she feels inferior, another is busy making mistakes and becoming superior." - Henry C. Link

Lydia Ku

, CPA was a first-generation college student at Santa Clara University where she received career coaching from Sean O'Keefe. During college, Lydia utilized Professor O'Keefe's coaching to earn internships with Polyvore, Lockheed Martin, Fact0ryX (founded by a former Google X executive), and PwC.
Upon graduation, Lydia chose to work for PwC as an Assurance Associate before being promoted to Senior Assurance Associate.
In 2018, Lydia was recruited by PaloAlto Networks to be a Senior Financial Analyst. She also partnered with Professor O'Keefe to launch Empowered Students.

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Why Lydia’s Qualified

Lydia developed and built a relationship with a Google X executive from scratch. Following Sean's blueprint for building relationships with business professionals, Lydia took a proactive approach to land a dream internship.

Says Lydia, "I earned the opportunity to work with executives and foster valuable business experience and lifelong relationships. Additionally, there was opportunity to take on responsibility outside of my immediate role. By the time I left, I wore multiple hats and worked with all sorts of individuals ranging from inspiring founders of social impact start-ups to the C-suite executives of well-known companies (expanding my network that I frequently tap back into). The entire experience provided me with professional, mental, and even spiritual growth to an extent I didn’t think a job could. I can say with confidence that my life and career opportunities were greatly enhanced because of Sean’s coaching. I am grateful to be able to "Pay it Forward.”

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