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Garfield Byrd, Advisor

Garfield is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of KIPP Foundation. Garfield Byrd leads the Finance, Grants, Financial Planning and Administration teams at KIPP.
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Shirley Chan

Shirley Chan, Director of Finance

Shirley is currently a senior program manager at Google and director of finance for Empowered Students.
Raphael Guzman

Raphael Guzman, Career Coach

Raphael currently works at Octagon, a global Sports & Entertainment agency that helps brands and talent make their mark and stay ahead of the competition.
Lydia Ku

Lydia Ku, Career Coach & Board Member

Lydia was a first-generation college student at Santa Clara University where she received career coaching from Sean O'Keefe.
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Yevin Lee

Yevin Lee, Director of Analytics

Yevin is a first generation college student who is currently attending Santa Clara University.
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Yuli Mendoza

Yuli Mendoza, Career Coach

Yuli is a Manager at VIWALA, a Non-Banking Financial Institution that provides flexible funding to emerging companies in Mexico.
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The Coaches 4

Celeste Munoz, Director of Programs

Celeste Muñoz is a second-year Political Science and Ethnic Studies double major. She is passionate about helping underserved communities, especially those in the undocumented community and in education. She aspires to be the help that she received through programs like Empowered Students throughout high school and into college.
Isaac D'Amore Nieblas

Isaac D'Amore Nieblas, Director of Special Projects

Isaac is a first-generation college student born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.
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Ethan Nguyen

Ethan Nguyen, Director of Social Media

When Ethan is not spending time leading our Social Media efforts, he is studying finance and business at Santa Clara University.
Sean O'Keefe

Sean O'Keefe, Director of Impact & Board Member

Sean is an award-winning Professor and career coach at Santa Clara University. He teaches in the LEAD Scholars program (first-generation college students) and in the Business School, dating back to 2010
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Marieli Rubio

Marieli Rubio, Director of Special Projects

Marieli Rubio is a second year student studying civil engineering.
Whiting Turner

Dr. Erin Kimura-Walsh, Board Member

Dr. Kimura-Walsh is the Director of the LEAD Scholars Program at Santa Clara University. LEAD supports the university's first-generation college students.
The Coaches 5

Dustin Warford, Board Member

Dustin was a first-generation college student and now holds the position of Senior Vice President at Heritage Bank.
Whiting Turner

Zarek Woodfork, Advisor

Zarek was a first-generation college student and is now Director of Sales for Shamrock Office Solutions.

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